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We have been honored to serve the central Ohio area for so long, and we take great pride in the beauty, quality, and variety we offer everyone. From providing the best of herbs, vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, and more! Our assortment includes the types of plants you can get from us and the forms they come in, like hanging baskets and mixed containers. If you’re looking for the most beautiful products for your gardens, we’re happy to help you get what you need. We’re ready to help you with your garden and plant needs for many more years to come!

Trees and Shrubs

Are you looking for the perfect tree to add to your land? Then be sure to check out our large selection of trees that range from small to mature! Whether you’re looking to keep them potted or plant them in the ground, we’ve got all you’ll need to help your trees, shrubs, and garden thrive. For all of your tree planting needs, we’re here to help and share some tips about planting them on your own.
You’ll want to ensure that you find the right tree or shrub for the area where you’re planting them. When you visit our garden center, we’ll help you choose trees up to the task of establishing roots in a smaller amount of soil to fit into your chosen pot. If you want to keep your trees in pots, then you’ll want to pick out a smaller one that will be able to grow in the limited space. The container should be big enough to give your plant enough room for its roots. Before planting, you’ll want to ensure your container has holes for water drainage. You can do this by just drilling a few if there aren’t already holes in it. Containers should be high enough to provide the best possible insulation to the roots. After you’ve planted your tree with some quality potting soil, you’ll want to ensure that it gets watered regularly to prevent it from drying out since potted plants dry out quicker than ones in the ground. Add your tree or shrub to your container with a portion of slow-release plant food. Adding in some plant food will most definitely have your trees and shrubs live to their full potential. When you come and see us, we’ll be able to suggest some fantastic kinds.
When it comes to planting trees and shrubs, we know that it can be time-consuming, and there’s not always time for that. That’s why we offer our own planting services to help you out. Save yourself the time and stress, and we’ll take care of all the rest!


Let’s start with, what is an annual? Annuals are plants that germinate, flower, set seeds, and die all in one season. Their ultimate goal is to reproduce themselves (set origin), which is good news for gardeners because most annuals will flower like mad until their mission is accomplished. They’re also plants that will need to be watered daily.
We’ve got tough annuals for the rough seasons, warm-season annuals, and ones for every other season. For beautiful plants that you can’t wait to show off, all of our annuals will never disappoint! Some of the more common ones that you’ll recognize are marigolds, petunias, and sunflowers. We even have succulents as part of our incredible selection! These flowers are for you if you’re looking for quick results without too much work.
A helpful way to tell if your annuals are about to wilt is to look for signs like a lack of gloss on their leaves, or you can check by sticking your finger into the soil. Most annuals will have their soil be evenly moist 2 or 3 inches down. Remembering this will help you be able to check when they need some extra water in their routines. Don’t forget to regularly check for their dead heads and remove them to encourage new growth.
Everyone loves the low maintenance of succulents and that they look great anywhere. While coming in all shapes and sizes, succulents can be just what you need to add that last special touch to your garden. Wow, them all with all of the perfect blooms and succulents of many colors! Every garden should have some beautiful annuals to complete it.


Perennials are often known as the backbone of the garden. They are typically cold-hardy plants that return in the spring and usually bloom for only one season each year. Reblooming and long-blooming perennials are also around. Many well-known ones include Black-Eyed Susans, Daylillies, Purple Coneflowers, Hostas, Peonies, Hibiscus, and more! With them returning each year, they are definitely worth the investment!
Trees and shrubs can be included when referring to perennials, but that’s not the case for us. Most perennials will require less water once they are ready to go. This is helpful for those who tend to garden in areas more prone to drought and want to reduce their water draining. Plus, as a bonus, planting perennials that are native to your region offers the benefit of making a welcoming habitat for pollinators and local wildlife! If you decide to grow perennials and they ever become overcrowded, they’ll need to be “divided” for spring and fall. It’s best to plant them in those seasons as well.
Whenever you notice well-planned gardens with a design or pattern in their blooms, they’re usually done with perennials! During their first growing season, you’ll want to ensure they get plenty of water regularly until it frosts in the fall. Their soil should never be too dry or wet to help them avoid getting diseased. Adding mulch around these plants will help them thrive, along with removing the dead heads of the flowers. Covering them in mulch in the winter will help protect them to ensure they return nice and healthy in the springtime!
If perennials sound like just what you need to add to your garden, then come and see us soon so we can find all you need to make your garden bright and beautiful! We’ll also be able to share more of all of our planting secrets to make sure all of your plants stay nice and healthy.

Succulents & Pond Plants

Personalizations for floor-planted pots upon requests, bring in your own pot or get them from us! A large variety of hanging baskets
Here at Sunbury Garden Center, we even do BYOP! Bring your own pot to place your pond plants, succulents, or another plant of your choosing in. We can also get some new pots from us here from the beautiful selection we carry. One of the services we provide that everyone loves is that we also offer to plant your new plants for you. Avoid the mess and the stress, and we’ll take care of all the rest! Bring in your pot or pick one out and we’ll get your plants all situated inside them.
Everybody loves succulents, and we are no exception! Choose your preferred size, shape, and colored varieties to enhance your plant collection. If you don’t yet have a collection of your own, we can guarantee you will have one soon when you start with these. Visiting our center just might convince you to become a plant fanatic too. Succulents are great because you can have them indoors or outdoors, sit them in a regular pot, or even grow vertically! The best way to care for succulent plants is to ensure they get enough sunlight, and you should also rotate them regularly to get light on all parts of them. When watering them, you’ll want to be sure you’re watering their soil directly and not the rest of the plant in a pot with drainage opportunities. Depending on the current season, you’ll also water them more or less. They’ll need more water in spring and summer than in the fall and winter.
We also carry selections of pond plants you’ll love having in your pond at home or work! Most pond plants are meant to help keep the water clean, but it also doesn’t hurt that they help enhance the look of your pond as well. Some of the more common plants include Pickerel Plant, Horsetail Reed, Water Lettuce, Mosaic Pond Plant, Blue Iris, Sweetflag, Waterlillies, and more! Why have just one garden when you can have two? Having pond plants is the best way to create your own water garden.


 Did you know that chrysanthemums are the full name of mums? They’re actually a type of daisy! Some of the most well-known plants we provide our amazing customers with are our mums. We have so many beautiful ones that people come to take pictures with all the time! Mums are the staple flowers of the fall season for your gardens. These perennials will be sure to give a wonderful pop of color to your gardens and last for a long time to come. Once you’ve picked out your favorite color to plant in your garden, you’ll want to ensure you’re giving them the best care.
Planting your chrysanthemums in the springtime offers your new perennials time to adapt to their new location. You’ll soon find that planning ahead of time is key to the successful planting of these plants. We know how tempting it really is to buy the beautiful mums that you see in the fall, but when it comes to their longevity, the smaller spring mums are a way better investment. Planting them in the spring helps so that their root system becomes stronger throughout the summer and fall. This gives them a chance to increase the plant’s ability to survive the winter. When you plant them in the spring, you’ll also end up with bigger blooms the following season! Sometimes mums that are planted in the fall can survive wintertime, but you’ll give them a better chance if you plant them in the springtime.
If you’re on the hunt for the best mums and advice on all things planting and growing them, we’re here to help with whatever it is you need! There are over 100 different types of them, after all. So whether you’re looking for them in the spring or the fall, come and see us for all things chrysanthemums.


Visit us to see our current selection

We don’t only have all the plants you’ll ever want in our garden center, but we also have the best sheds for you to add to your home and garden. Our sheds are handcrafted and built with the highest quality materials. They’re both meant for the utmost functionality and longevity to provide you with all that you need. Whether you’re looking for a mini barn, hi-walls, regular garden sheds, or ones made of metal, wood, vinyl, or any other material, we can get you precisely what you’re looking for. We promise that we only order you the best of the best.
If you’re looking to get a custom or particular order for your new shed, all of our special orders take about 2-3 weeks to arrive at our facility. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for and want to check out our current selection, we’ll ensure we get you all set up with the perfect one for you and your needs.